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Terms of Use (Please Read Before Uploading)

– Feel free to upload, edit, recolor any of the graphics I post here, as long as you don’t remove watermark when you are doing any of the listed.When editing, as long as the head looks nothing like the original, or is an “actual major edit” ( different hair, different eyes, different style , all are needed ) you may remove the water mark!

-Don’t give yourself credit for something I did, I work hard on these heads for you guys, and I do not wish to see someone use my graphics if they do not choose to follow the terms of use.

-As stated in above, please credit me, simply when someone asked where you got your customs from, say Mithos, or give the url (http://tinyurl.com/totorogfx) or (https://totorogfx.wordpress.com)! There is no need to put it on your status unless you really love the head and believe others will like it too!

– Enjoy the graphics, you guys all deserve to have nice customs that others will love!

-For further news, please follow to my wordpress, there might be special customs or events I might do for suscribers c;<.

Thanks For Reading!

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